Screen Cultures and Selves (Lecture 2)


How we make meaning? How do we understand who we are? How do we identify with the world/images/films/TV/computer games/books?

  • Meaning → Semiotics → Signs (we know red means stop and green means go)
  • Signifier → Signification → Signified
  • E.g. we see the word “cat” → learn what is the word “cat” → think what is cat (if we see a word in other languages meaning cat, we do not know what is it because we did not learn about it)
  • Arbitrary: no connection with what you see and what you think, there should be a process of learning
  • Denotation: literal meaning
  • Connotation: what is actually intended
  • Process of signification → myths
  • Binary opposition: a pair of related concepts that are opposite in meaning (e.g. boy and girl)
  • we learn by culture and what we have been told