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We discuss about the new sexism in three different aspects, including cartoons, films and women’s leadership.




Self Reflection: The New Sexism


As a child of the 90’s, I grew up by watching Disney Cartoons. All of the princesses like Cinderella, Snow White and Ariel are very nice and pretty, while princes are brave and powerful. This kind of gender stereotype has been virtually established in most of the children. Girls would think that they cannot be heroic and boys would think that tender is not suitable for them.

When I become a teenager, I always watch Hollywood movies and I found that sexism is also a serious phenomenon in these movies. Most of the female characters are over-sexualized and objectified, while males are tough and successful. Women are always the sex objects of men and men always have the ability to control women. This makes films become a mirror of society’s view of the female body.

However, there are some changes in cartoons and movies in recent years. For example, in a recent Disney cartoon – “Frozen”, both of the main character Elsa and Anna are brave and have their own thought, they would solve problems by themselves rather than wait for the prince to rescue them when they have difficulties. This is totally different with the previous Disney princess character. In addition, in the film “The Avengers”, Scarlett Johansson starred as a female hero in a team of six superheroes. Although there is only one woman, this still show that woman can be very powerful.

As a media field student, I am glad that the gender stereotype is gradually eliminate and the development of feminism is being emphasize in mass media. I believe that gender equality will become a popular trend in the future.