Video Montage

This video is about enterprising women and cultural hybridity. In the beginning, some Hong Kong girls are cosplaying. They dress up and makeup as different characters of Japanese anime. You can also see a British Youtuber who is turning herself to a famous character – Sailor Moon. Some of them treat online media as a marketplace to gain profit by delivering makeup tutorial. This shows the commodification of women. In the later part of this video,  a man is searching for a wife online, then he travels from United States to Russia and get married with a mail order bride. All of these are the demonstration of cultural crossovers.

Film Review: Fist of Fury (1972)

300px-fistoffuryWe have watched a film called Fist of Fury. It is a Hong Kong film in 1972 and starring Bruce Lee, who is a famous martial artist.

Since the film has a very specific background, it has a very special history meaning. It is not only a film to entertain people, but also a means of the country to control the thought of their people. There is a huge effect on the Chinese to agree with their national identity after they watch this film.

Here is our discussion on the film.