Arundhati Roy – “We”


  • Spread the anti-imperialist and social justice politics to everywhere
  • Advocate peaceful world

Fascinating Speech

“Nationalism of one kind or another was the cause of most of the genocide of the twentieth century.”

“When writers, painters, musicians, film makers suspend their judgment and blindly yoke their art to the service of the “Nation”, it’s time for all of us to sit up and worry.”

“Nearly three thousand civilians lost their lives in that lethal terrorist strike. The grief is still deep. The rage still sharp. The tears have not dried. And a strange, deadly war is raging around the world.”

“We cannot avenge those who have died. War is only a brutal desecration of their memory.”

“Those of us who have only ever known life in a democracy, however flawed, would find it hard to imagine what living in a dictatorship and enduring the absolute loss of freedom means.”

“War is never fought for altruistic reasons. They’re usually fought for hegemony, for business. And then of course there’s the business of war.”

“”The American Way of Life” is simply not sustainable. Because it doesn’t acknowledge that there is a world beyond America.”

“Power has a shelf life. When the time comes, maybe this mighty empire will, like others before it, overreach itself and implode from within.”

“Soviet-style communism failed, not because it was intrinsically evil, but because it was flawed. It allowed too few people to usurp too much power. Twenty-first century market capitalism, American-style, will fail for the same reasons. Both are edifices constructed by human intelligence, undone by human nature.”

“The time has come, the Walrus said. Perhaps things will become worse and then better.”

8793779_origStyle of this film

  • Lots of impressive footage were used to illustrate the themes and specific historical events
  • Make use of wonderful background music to quicken the pace and increase the feeling