Research and Practice (Lecture 5)

Media Independent Research

Subject Databases: find journal articles (i.e. academic magazine), which can be useful for research

screen-shot-2015-04-08-at-14-39-36Locate: search for books/journals which can borrow from library or read online (login to “my account” to renew books)

Centre for Academic Writing (CAW)

  • Check for title/structure of essays and dissertations
  • Proofread
  • Help for reference

Google Scholar: access to scholarly materials


Research and Practice (Lecture 1)

We have to think about a research topic and the research process as well. Finally we come up with three presentation methods.

Discuss a topic → What is it about? → How to present?

Topic: How the social media change people’s life? (the way to connect with people, how to get information)

Research Process: questionnaire, readings (books, journals), interview (focus group), search online

Presentation Methods: video (short film)/ magazine/ PPT → These are three possible methods, but we think that we need to depend on our research result to decide which method we are going to use.



  1. topic should avoid too wide (like a cake, we cannot eat the whole cake once a time, so we need to cut it into pieces)signature-cakes-cakebatterconfetti

– Definition

– What social media?

– Change whose life?

2. influence/ effect/ impact/ significance