Exploring Digital Cultures (Lecture 1)

Module Ethos

  • Engage/ work hard/ learn from each other/ don’t be late



  • Family
  • love
  • safety
  • warm
  • happiness

Interests and/or Ideology?

  • Love tomato → full of love, exciting, care about others
  • Love media → like to explore, engage
  • Study in university → care about brian, love to learn, better myself, improve language


  • Keep in touch/ keep contact/ communicate with each other


Active vs. Passive

  • Can be in a community no matter active or passive
  • You are still part of it
  • Just a different personality

%e4%b8%8b%e8%bc%89Benefits of Community

  • How do communities benefit the media?
  • Different target audience for different news/ media company
  • Social organization

Benefits of Online Community

  • Liberating
  • The site becomes a common factor (everyone is equal)
  • Rejects authority…even what it then reorganizes and structure it again

Communities Online

  • How have online communities changed our sense of “belonging”?
  • No isolation
  • Increase sense of belonging/ attachment