Manifesto of Transnational Subjectivity


Through a series of case studies, I believe I can understand more about our societies and nation since I can explore the historical events as well as global environment. I can also understand myself in the global and digital aspect by knowing different cultural elements and the mass media.

To participate in the group discussion, we can combine our own experience with each other and have an overall understanding because we are from different countries and have different cultural background. I can develop my own subjectivities in an international context while I connect with them and learn from them. It is also an opportunity for us to work together and to demonstrate our own ability.

To accomplish my individual tasks, I can combine my own reflections and subjective experiences with my own culture and background, to develop my thought and ideas base on the topic that I have learned. I believe that it is also a great chance for me to use my practical skills to create meaningful and professional piece of work.

I will try my best to engage in the class activities as well as the individual and group work. Therefore, I will be able to understand what is transnational subjectivity and to fulfill the learning objectives of this module.


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