Self-Appraisal: Boy or Girl?


It seems a simple question of asking  – “I am a boy or a girl?”. It is just to identify which gender I am and obviously I am a girl.

When I was small, my parents used to tell me that I have to be girly, quiet, gentle and chariness because I am a girl. They told me I cannot be rude, impolite, reckless and playful because all of these are the personality of boys. I was always wondering why girls and boys cannot have the same character.

collage1In addition, my mother always bought me some Barbies, dolls, bears and cooking toys for me. One day, I told her I want to have a toy gun (yes, I love to play guns, swords and cars!), then she blamed me and asked me why I like to play those toys which are for boys. At that time, I really did not understand why there should have differences of the toys between boys and girls.

When I became a teenager, I always bought clothes in white, black and grey colour by myself. However, my mother told me I should wear clothes and dresses in sharp colours, like red, pink and purple, therefore can show that I am a lady. I totally disagree that we should use colour to identify boys and girls as it is a very neutral thing. Boys can love red and purple, and girls can love black and blue as well.ewei-50-50

All of the above experiences are come from MYTHS. They are just some fabulous rules of
how society expect us to be a girl or a boy. I definitely have no idea why girls and boys should act in a different way and why we should obey these kinds of social MYTHS.


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