Transnational Subjectivities (Lecture 2)

Love, Internationalpinky-love

What is love?

  • Acceptance, trust, empathy, respect, to adore, sharing, romance, warm, powerful, responsibility, emotion, care, selfless, desire, rely on someone
  • Can be a person or a thing
  • Range of different feelings to someone/something → we do not know how to explain it
  • Marriage is to force love

Is love universal, essential? Do we all feel love in the same way?

  • Yes, love is universal and essential to make the world peaceful
  • But it is individual. We all show love and receive love in different ways and feel love differently expressed

What structures, institution, social relations shape love?

  • Church → god’s love
  • Charitable organisation → help those are in need

Orientalist Discourses

  • The West and the Rest (defined through otherness)

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