Transnational Subjectivities (Lecture 1)

Who are we?

What is nation?nation-flags

Is “nation” a fixed notion?

  • A country that people with shared tradition, cultures, rules, history and languages
  • Biology, borders, belongings, place, government, systems, economic, politic, GDP

Is your nationality permanent?

  • No. We can have another nationality after a period of permanent residency in other country.
  • Some HK residents are Chinese national holding a valid HK permanent ID card and a BNO passport.

Is there a difference between nation, nationality and nationalism?

  • Nation: a country, a group of independent people
  • Nationality: citizenship, labeling, the country where we were born
  • Nationalism: love of country, pride you feel about the country

Module Ethosnation-clipart-united-nations-day-clipart-1

  •  The politics of difference
  •  The history of différance – meaning created by difference and by deferral
  •  As part of an assemblage

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